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FlexIn Heat® technology

from aerospace to your workshop

The FlexIn Heat® technology uses induction heating in a very flexible way. Due to the great amount of transferred energy high heating rates are feasible. A decoupled heat source deliveres hight temperatures with a very homogeneous Distribution.

The FlexIn Heat®  technology was developed at the German Aerospace Center (DLR).


  • • homogeneous temperature
  •   destribution +-3°C
  • • adaptable heating geometry
  • • complex geometries
  • • scalable size of our heat devices
  • • max. temperature 400°C
  • • max. heat rate 60°C/min


  • • integrated heating device in vacuum bag
  • • no need for a time-consuming, error-prone
  •   vacuum build-up
  • • customized vacuum bag size and shape


  • • precise temperature profile control
  • • adjust heat and cure cycle
  • • customized user interface
  • • complete documentation (temperature,
  •   vacuum, humidity, user data)
  • • data record direct to USB-device
  • • control via instant messaging

Application Experience Wind Energy

fiber Composite repair of a rotorblade structure

 „the complete process was
simplified enormously. The
system is simple to operate
and easy to integrate into
the general repair process “

- Blade Technician

Intuitive Use

- easy handling
- No big and expensive training
- easy adjustable to new materials

Time Saving

- Up to 30% in Vacuum Build up
- Rapid adjustment to target
- Increase of „Repairs per Hour“-Rate
- Cost Reduction

Multitude Geometries

Flat and curved surfaces
-Leading Edge
-Trailing Edge


- Gapless Repair Documentation
- Uniform Standard
- Automated Creation of Report

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