Innovative Heating Solutions

Control Devices


Red100 is a problem solving all-in-one device that includes all components you need for composite processing and repair. Resistance heating for two independent heating blankets and an built-in vacuum pump will boost your composite process.

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Flexible, contactless and precise heating at high rates are the key elements of the FlexIn Heat® technology. Our control device Red300 enables you to apply all these advantages to solve your heating problems.

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Heating and Induction Blankets

Textile blankets

Heat conductive silicone

Integrated temperature sensors

Integrated vacuum channel

Resistance Heating Blankets

Great flexibility, integrated functionality, contactless heating and an easy handling are features of our induction blankets. With silicone or textile you will find a fitting blanket for your application. Do you need vacuum or a special size? We have the right product for you!

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Vacuum bagging is a technique applied to create mechanical pressure on a laminate during its cure cycle. Pressurizing a composite lamination serves several functions, such as removal of the trapped air between different fiber layers and their compaction for efficient force transmission among fiber bundles. Furthermore it prevents shifting of fiber orientation during cure and reduces humidity. Finally, and most importantly, the vacuum bagging technique optimizes the fiber-to-resin ratio in the composite part.